Frequently Asked Questions About Placenta Encapsulation


What Areas Do You Cover?

I am willing to cover the whole of Northern Ireland. This may mean that the mother would have to pay an additional collection charge to carry out the placenta encapsulation. 

Do I have to ask for permission for my placenta to be released?

No - Your placenta is your legal property. However, you must tell your midwives & consultants that you wish to keep it & that it must not be disposed of. 

I have Group B Strep can I still have my placenta encapsulated?

Yes. However, for your safety, Steamed Dehydrated capsules, Tincture, all cosmetics & Homeopathic remedies can be made. GBS is killed during the processing of these remedies. 

I am having a planned Caesarian Section Can I still have my placenta encapsulated?

Absolutely! Your placenta will perfect for placenta encapsulation, Caesarian births do not affect the encapsulation process.

I want to do delayed cord clamping

Delayed cord clamping is a fantastic thing for your baby - supplying them with as much nutrients as possible before being detached from the placenta. However, the placenta must be put onto ice within 30 mins of its delivery. So please bare this in mind. 

I am having a water birth

We want women to have the birth they want. You can certainly have a water birth but you must leave the water before you birth your placenta. The placenta must be delivered onto a clean dry surface to avoid any contamination which may render the placenta unsafe for consumption.


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“Devon was so lovely to work with, such a friendly girl and had such a lovely presence while collecting our placenta after our home birth. Such a precious and special time, and Devon couldn't have been nicer just coming in quietly and professionally. Her products are also amazing x”

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“Hi Devon, I know I have already messaged you to say how much I loved the placenta capsules and all the amazing benefits I got from them. But now the little (big) man is almost 5months I am definitely still seeing the benefits! As this is baby #4 for us I knew what to expect regarding hair loss, it happened with the first 3 and took ages to grow back! The only thing I have done differently with #4 was your amazing capsules! Although I am still finding I'm losing hair, definitely not in the same volume and with no bald patches! Also any that has came out has already started to regrow! So thanks so much again 😘 xx”

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“Hi Devon, just finished my capsules after 

taking them for over 4 weeks. I can not recommend this highly enough- after a natural labour I had a significant tear which causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the initial early days, along with establishing breastfeeding  I was sore and tired. I believe the capsules helped with my energy, Fatigue, post partum recovery and milk supply. The service was amazing- can not recommend highly enough . I hope more ladies contact you to get these amazing benefits from something so natural xxx thanks”

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“Compared with my last pregnancy 2 years ago I had a much harder birth this time around. The only thing I am doing differently than last time to recover is taking the placenta capsules and I feel like I have so much more energy this time! Def helping with the recovery“

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“Mums-to-be check it out! 

I decided to have my placenta encapsulated as I heard about so many health benefits. For me, two months in hormone levels are balanced (thankfully, no baby blues), an increased milk supply and somehow ENERGY throughout these sleepless nights! I take the Traditional Chinese Method capsules with my other vitamins 3x a day (they don’t taste of anything) and that’s it. No nasty side effects. All 100% holistic and natural. The massage oil and balm are for mum and baby ..they are the perfect products for us for baby massage after bath time. And I am in love with her framed umbilical cord keepsake and print of the placenta”

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“Hey! Just letting you know how I’m getting on, so I’m on day 13 and I feel grea, my energy levels are up and mentally I feel like I’m in a good place, my mood is very good! I’m about halfway through my capsules now I’ve cut down to 1 3 times a day now because I want them to do me longer I’ll be sad when I finish them :( can’t wait to get my tincture, so glad I went for that and I’m so glad I decided to have my placenta encapsulatEd. I would recommend it to everyon. Thank you again your service is just amazing xxx”