Booking your

Placenta Capsules

Booking your placenta encapsulation may seem like a daunting experience, but at Precious Placentas we aim to make everything as smooth & enjoyable as possible - enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy & birth, stress free. 

Why Choose us?


24/7 - 365 - Collection service

We have a team of dedicated couriers, guaranteed to collect your placenta from your hospital of choice within 2 hours of when you contact us to inform us of your placentas delivery - 365 days a year - 24 hours a week.

Dedicated Placenta Laboratory

We are the ONLY specialist in Northern Ireland to prepare placentas in a dedicated, stand alone, purpose built laboratory

registered with Environmental Health

We are registered with Lisburn & Castlereagh City Councils Environmental Health Department to ensure the utmost safety of our placenta preparation methods

Fully Trained & Qualified

Our placenta encapsulation specialist is fully trained & qualified. Holding qualifications in infection control, HACCP, food safety, placenta encapsulation training all whilst being a fully trained phlebotomist & ex stem cell procurer. 

We also have over 3 years experience of placenta encapsulation. 

Plastic Free packaging

Our new packaging to hold our placenta capsules in 100% plastic free. once the capsules are finished, the packaging can be used to make a wildflower bomb (we provide you with the wildflower seeds as an extra little gift) - helping your local bee population while also protecting our oceans. 

Medical Grade Cleaning solutions

We only use medical grade cleaning solutions & practices in our lab & during the preparation of your placenta capsules. We are trained in infection control so we understand the importance of destroying pathogens that could be present. 

What We Do

Our service is all inclusive. From the moment you enquire until the moment I deliver your chosen remedies - I am with you every step of the way. 

I provide my clients with advice and aftercare in regards to their placenta remedies for as long as they require. 

I provide my clients with a placenta collection kits to ensure their placenta is stored as safely as possible for consumption.

Once your placenta is collected by our dedicated courier, the placenta it is stored in a temperature controlled environment to ensure it is as safe as possible for consumption. 

I prepare your placenta in our dedicated placenta lab where I focus solely on your placenta. 

Only one placenta is ever processed at any one time. 

I aim to have my placenta remedies back to the mother within 24-48 hours, so that she may begin to feel the benefits from her capsules. 

Gold Standard Placenta Encapsulation Northern Ireland

We are registered with Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Environmental Health department. 

We have had lengthy discussions with an Environmental Health Officer who is more than satisfied that our methods, paperwork, cleaning & work space are safe to provide placenta remedies to be ingested by the mother.

We have a robust FSMS in place for my placenta remedy preparations, a 40 page dossier written by a microbiologist, extremely through paperwork & we only use medical grade disinfectants for cleaning our equipment & laboratory.

Our Training

We have undergone strict, up to date  training to become a professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. We regularly participate in CPD - This is to ensure that you & your placenta are taken care of to the highest standard. We hold certificates for; 

  • Infection Control
  • Food & Hygiene Level 2 
  • HACCP for Food Manufacturing
  • Placenta Theory Training
  • Placenta Practical Training

Learn More

To book your encapsulation, please fill in an information pack request form & a booking form. 

Both can be found on our side bar 

We will asses your suitability for placenta encapsulation from your completed booking form

Information Pack Request Form

Payment Plans

You can pay for your placenta encapsulation with installments. 

After we have assessed your suitability for placenta encapsulation, with the information provided on your booking form, we ask that you pay a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.

Your chosen products can then be paid off as much & as frequently as you like, up until 36 weeks gestation - this is when we would expect the full balance to be paid. 

Our Price List