Placenta Remedies & Placenta Encapsulation Northern Ireland

Placenta Capsules

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Simple Placenta Capsules 

Simple Placenta Capsules (sometimes known as ‘Raw Placenta Capsules’).

Your placenta is inspected, prepared, dehydrated, ground & encapsulated. This method has a stronger energetic response than the steamed dried capsules capsules, therefore if energy levels are a concern for you then these are the capsules for you. The Simple Method capsules are said to boost milk production, may help to reduce PND & baby blues and may help to re-balance hormones.

These cannot be taken in some instances where a mother has certain pregnancy conditions. Something that can be discussed upon consultation. However, steamed dried method capsules methods may be suitable. 

Steamed Dried Placenta Capsules

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Steamed Dried Placenta capsules  Your placenta is inspected, prepared, steamed with Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, dehydrated, ground & encapsulated. The herbs are grounding, circulation boosting & warming. This method has a calmer response than the simple method so if you are concerned about PND then these capsules are the ones for you. 

Contraindications TCM capsules can’t be taken when the mother has illness such as mastitis, colds & flus, fevers. However, simple capsules can be taken in this instance. In some instances where a mother has certain pregnancy conditions Simple Capsules cannot be taken. However, TCM methods may be suitable. This can mean a 50/50 split may be something to consider. 

Placenta Essence

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Your placenta essence holds tremendous power & is used to boost you & your babies immune system. It can be used during times of fretfulness for you & your baby. It can be used when TCM methods aren’t advised such as times of colds & flus. Mothers report a noticeable lift & it can be very powerful when mothers are experiencing baby blues. This is made by using a thumb sized piece of your placenta & diluted into a weak alcohol solution. I will provide a dropper bottle with this & instructions on how to dilute the bigger bottle of essence into the dropper bottle so that it is suitable for use for you & your baby. This remedy is made to last you & your baby a lifetime. 

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy

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A reputable homeopath will make these remedies for you. There will be two strengths of remedy made, one for you & one for your baby. These remedies have been known to help babies with colic, teething & separation anxiety. The mothers remedy can help you with depression & emotional upset. 

Placenta Tincture

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A thumb sized piece of your placenta is taken & stored in a strong alcohol solution & vacillated every day for 6 weeks. The tincture will then be delivered to you when it is ready along with a dropper bottle for you to refill when needed.  The tincture is made to last you a lifetime & support you through emotional, psychological & mental distress, PMS & menopause. I recommend this for mothers who know this will be their last child.